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Xamarin is a powerful toolset that brings the rich programming features of .NET and C# to Android and iOS. With Xamarin you are able to create full-featured Android and iOS applications with a shared code base working within a common programming environment. This is part one of a two-part article that walks you through the complete process of using Xamarin to create a simple cross-platform with .NET and C# that runs on both Android and iOS. In part 1, I’ll introduce Xamarin, walk you through the process of creating a cross-platform code library with Xamarin, and guide you through the creation of the Android implantation of the cross-platform app. In part 2, I’ll cover the creation of the iOS implementation…

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30+ years as a professional software dev, 17+ years developing mobile solutions, Pluralsight Author, Founder JWHH, LLC


  1. Jim,
    Great work on the cross platform video at Plural sight. I’m following those learning IOS development. thanks.

    I have a question on the Android and IOS installation and couldnt find answer on google and even on xamarin forums.
    While creating first project on VS2012 I’m not able to see the default new project templates as seen in your video.
    e.g Android – icecream sandwidtch
    IOs – Hello world.

    Could you please suggest something to get them.



    1. One has to have the Business or Enterprise edition for the Xamarin project types to show up in Visual Studio. Are you using one of those editions?


  2. Ahhhha. No I’m using evaluation version.
    But doesnt evalutaion version let you use all the defaults for 30 days?


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