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  1. […] my Google Glass arrivedĀ … Needless to say, I was excited and ready to start working on building apps for […]


  2. Hey,

    In my company we are interested in a wearable display to display PC applications. Do you think that Google glass could do this? we don’t have Android developers on staff -how hard would it be to create an app to do this?


    1. Jeremy;

      Are you talking about some kind of screen sharing app or that you want Glass to cooperate with a specific app running on the PC?

      In either case you will need to ramp up on Android development.

      If you already have java experience Android Dev environment will be familiar. If you have .Net experience you might want to checkout Xamarin which let’s you write .NET on Android.


      1. Thanks for the info,

        Yes we have our application running in a windows environment. The end goal is to use glass as the display. So you think if we developed an app on android we could display it with glass? Would we have to run the app on glass?


  3. Hi Jeremy;

    You’ll have to write separate apps for Android and Glass. Communications code, logic, etc. can be shared between Android and Glass but the display models are somewhat different.

    I have some training classes on Android I can point you to and I have class on Glass development coming out in a few weeks.

    Ping me offline jimw_at_jwhh_dot_com and I’ll send some info on accessing those classes.



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