Bonnie and I had a chance to visit Magic Kingdom over the weekend.

We normally stay away from parks on big holiday’s like Easter but we decided to take a chance on Saturday. We had low expectations and decided in advance that we’d just “roll with it”.

I have to say we had great fortune. The park was, of course, packed but we were able to move around easily for the most part and thanks to FastPass were able to have some great fun.

If you follow the Walt Disney World thing, you know that there’s lots of new stuff that’s opened recently and continues to open in Fantasyland. Here’s a few things that were new to me this weekend (they may have been visible for a little while now … but I hadn’t seen them before).

The 7 Dwarfs Mine Train continues to grow


A new Rapunzel tower right next to the Haunted Mansion



Some fun posters from Rapunzel characters (these guys appeared in the tavern)



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