Hedgehog Hangouts 

  What is it?

HedgeHogLogoMaking Things Better Together

Hedgehog Hangouts is a social platform aimed at leveraging the positive influence that we all are able to bring to our communities.

Our goal is to help both individuals and organizations who want to help to be able to connect with those organizations that know how to help but lack the all-important volunteer manpower to do as much as they'd like to.

Through Hedgehog Hangouts, all of us can do our small part to collectively bring large-scale positive change to our communities.

  When can we see it?

We really want you to see it but we also want to be sure that we have everything ready before we open the app up to widespread usage.

Our goal is to begin rolling out a public beta of Hedgehog Hangouts early in Q3-2016. We are, however, still in the early phases of product development and user feedback gathering so the exact timing of availability could change.

Check back here regularly to see updates as to where we are with everything.

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